Works at Hamble Brook

Works at Hamble Brook

We’re very proud of the work that we completed on the Hamble Brook last year and with the current high water are delighted to watch its recovery.

Figure 1 – Water crowfoot on a restored ponds (left) and vegetation and fast flowing water in the main channel (right)

The channel looks more natural than it has done in decades and having walked it several times from Turville to Mill End, with representatives from the Environment Agency and other organisations, the restored section really does stand out well.

Interest in the project, both local and from further afield, has grown and this has been helped by the Environment Agency producing a press release which triggered some coverage from the BBC and other news outlets.

We have presented on our work, and the role that citizen scientists play in supporting it, at two national conferences, and have hosted a large delegation from the National trust who wanted to see the positive changes on land they manage.

Closer to home, we have spoken about the project at the Beautiful Blue event at the River & Rowing museum in Henley-on-Thames and hosted a stand at the Greener Henley festival, both of which continued to generate interest.

And last of all, we have created a video case-study that showcases the project and the changes it has helped to bring about, which can be viewed here.


Figure 2 – Presenting the Hamble project at the Greener Henley festival (left) and our video case study of the project (right)

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