Ewelme Brook Catchment Plan

Ewelme Brook Catchment Plan

Check out our new Storymap collection! It sets out the catchment plan for the Ewelme Brook, one of nine major chalk streams which rises in the Chilterns National Landscape.

Local groups contacted the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project for help to draw together a plan to restore this much loved local stream. Partners Benson Nature Group, Ewelme Parish Council and Benson Parish Council have been involved at all stages in the development of this plan, and members of the local community have added their own concerns and ideas.

The first story in the collection takes a detailed look at the catchment, setting out what we know about the geology, habitats, wildlife, water quality and flow.

Story two consider the issues impacting the brook. The Ewelme brook has been modified, with a large number of barriers like culverts and weirs leading to poorly connected habitats and disrupting wildlife movement. Road drains connect directly to the brook, reducing water quality. Removal of vegetation in and around the channel has also had a major impact on habitat quality in places

The final story sets out priorities and proposed actions to restore the Ewelme Brook. Some of the projects are already underway – including small scale river restoration work along Brook Street and at the Cuckoo Pen site in Benson. A new management advice leaflet has been produced to provide guidance where required to the lucky locals who have a section of the brook in their garden. But there is plenty more to do…

If you have any questions, comments or would like to get involved with work on the Ewelme Brook please do get in touch.




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